Meher Montessori Schools facilitates communication through periodic updates of our newsletters, activities calendars and menus.


Monthly newsletters review  activities and upcoming events.


During the first week of every month, we publish a newsletter that reports in words and pictures the activities and events that have occurred during the previous month in every classroom of our primary, elementary and middle schools. We also aim to keep you informed regarding upcoming events, field trips and general happenings at the school.

The newsletter is published in hardcopy as well as available as a pdf download from our website.

Current newsletter


Monthly calendars update schoolwide and grade level events


The monthly calendar is updated to alert our community of parents and students about upcoming special events, field trips, outings.

Important reminders as well as regularly scheduled extracurricular activities are also noted.




Monthly menu updates detail what's for lunch.


Each month our Lunch Menu changes so this link provides an update to that eternal question, "What's for Lunch?"