What our parents, teachers & director say...

You have the same child for multiple years as opposed to public school where every year, you’re getting a new group of children.
If you need to adjust things to that individual child, you really are able to because you have the time. You don’t have to worry that you have to get to this point by a certain time. So you really get to know the children and you get to know the parents, and you’re really able to work together.
— Nicole Muñoz, Primary teacher
When you have the child and the parents and they are working together with the school and the teachers, it makes for a better environment. So you know where [the child] is at education-wise, what they need to improve on, how you can help them improve on that at home, and how the school can continue that process as well.

Working hand in hand with the teachers here, it’s been great. My daughter is now going to another school, Clairbourn. The foundation she’s had here has helped her move on. So she’s had a great transition to the new school.
— Dad, Elementary student
It’s not just “Montessori” in the name of the school, but it’s an accredited Montessori school, which means they’ll focus on Maria Montessori’s theories and ideas in implementing the educational curriculum.

I think the materials make a big difference. I think that the nature of learning is different here in that my child can explore things of interest to her, she can work at her own pace…so she becomes more effective in what she learns, she doesn’t just learn skills or how to do a simple problem, she learns concepts and abstract ideas, behind what makes those concepts work.

Each individual child is treated as if they are part of a family. It’s not just the education, it’s the whole child that is treated, so that if there is any problems going on at home, you can come talk to them, and they will actually help with whatever needs to be helped with... the children just love to learn and they love to come to school.
— Mother, Elementary student
Each child gets to do their own activity when they feel like it. They get the activity, they are taught how to take it out, how to use it and how to put it away.

And you would think that the classroom would be hectic and noisy and a mumble jumble, but there is like a hum to the classroom. Everyone is active, hectic and noisy and a it’s a mumble jumble. But there is like a hum to the classroom. There might be some conversations going on, but everyone’s working and learning and loving what they’re doing.

What more can you ask for?
— Mother, Elementary student
I think they’re learning stuff when they don’t even realize they’re learning. I feel like they are playing and kind of exploring what they want to do at the same time, picking things up along the way.

And I think they like the challenge and I think they like the atmosphere of the classroom.
— Father, Primary & Elementary students
The majority of the staff has been here over 10 years. Some have been here over 25 years.
— Adela Muñoz, Director
If a ...parent is looking for the best for their child and reads up on the education plan, and [they] were to come and just sit in on one of the classes, they will be convinced.
— Mother, Primary student