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Teachers - Monterey Park


Maria Rivera
Primary Teacher

Ms. Rivera is with us for her 18th year! She is a teacher in one of our primary classrooms. She is a graduate of Western Mindanao State University in the Philippines where she achieved two B.S. degrees. One is in chemistry and the other in elementary education.

In addition, she has a Certificate of Specialization in Pre-school Education. Maria graduated from The Montessori Institute of San Diego with her AMI Primary Teacher's Diploma. Click here to see Mrs. Rivera's 2018-2019 class photo.



Monica Lopez
Primary Teacher 

Ms. Lopez is a primary teacher and is a graduate of the Montessori Institute of San Diego. She is currently working on her Masters of Education from Loyola University, Maryland.

"Meher allows me the flexibility to take on many roles at once. I love that I can be a leader, supporter, and a student as well, as the kids teach me something new every day. I enjoy watching the students master their conceptual and creative skills with the different classes and work provided for them. "



Allison Tenold
Lower Elementary Teacher

Ms. Tenold hails from the great state of Washington and is our AMI Montessori elementary teacher for the Lower Elementary classroom with children from 6-9 years of age. Allison joined us in 2011 as an assistant in both the Upper and Lower Elementary classrooms. In 2013 she completed her Montessori Elementary training at the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee. She holds a Masters in Education from Eastern Washington University and is credentialed to teach in the WA public schools. Allison is passionate about the Montessori philosophy as she was a Montessori child herself. Click to see Ms. Tenold's 2018-2019 class photo. Here is how Allison describes her experience at Meher:

"Coming to Meher each day is joyful. The school is surrounded on all sides with windows in a beautiful brick building with a lovely patio full of flowers and trees, and our class plants fresh vegetables in the gardens outside that we harvest and eat together. We are a loving, accepting community that strives to have healthy minds and bodies. Meher also connects me to an international community. My current class represents 9 different ethnicities, and it was even more diverse with last years’ graduates.  Diversity is invaluable in a classroom because we can learn, discuss, and honor everyone’s differences, with presentations about families’ backgrounds, festive lunch parties for cultural celebrations, or mere interaction with each other. It is also like a family here because we are a small, private school where many families and staff members have been here for years. Montessori education aims to maximize each student’s growth by guiding them at their level of readiness. At Meher, we have the flexibility to find the right environment and lessons for each child. Students are not rushed to move to the next grade level and there is also nothing stopping the child from reaching a new height. The children are allowed and encouraged to express themselves and it is delightful and special to see them develop their own unique personalities and to get to know them. "



Len Mindes
Upper Elementary Teacher

Mr. Mindes is an Upper Elementary teacher at Meher Montessori School.