Social life 

In our small school, how can we offer the broad social atmosphere of a large public school? The truth is that your child's social skills and peer interactions are much less a factor of the quantity of children in a school, but more of the quality of the atmosphere of the school in general and of the child's Meher Montessori School is a small school, which lends to much individual attention.

Our teachers get to know the children very well and are often better aware of the child's emotional needs and know the family better than in a large institution Parents who are working and cannot pick up their children until the late afternoon have expressed appreciation for the family atmosphere that our school provides. Each child is an important member of in the school family. This enhances the children's feelings of community, comfort and security.



The Upper Elementary classroom of Meher Montessori School sings Christmas carols to patients of Monterey Park Convalescent Hospital on December 23, 2011.